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Why Cutanea

Current Dermatology Landscape

Cutanea Life Sciences is changing a barren dermatology landscape.

Industry Consolidation

As dedicated corporations continue to disappear, dermatologic partners need reliable, stable, and long-term relationships.


In 2010, there were 21 companies dedicated to dermatology.[1]

In 2015, this has been drastically reduced to thirteen. [2]


Fewer Options

Medical providers should expect more topical options to treat their patients’ symptoms.

One out of ten drugs reach commercialization from the preclinical stage [3].

Out of 32 FDA-approved NDA drugs for dermatology in the past 5 years, only 9 were in a topical form [4].

Increasing Customer Requirements

The demand for dermatology services is increasing, giving pressure to more efficient dermatological practices.


The number of dermatologists is decreasing. [5]

The population and their dermatological needs are steadily increasing. [6] [7]

A tipping scale representing how there are less dermatogists as the amount of people who need dermatology grows.
Cutanea is changing the way you think about a valued dermatology partner.
We commit ourselves to dermatology by focusing on underserved patient needs.
Cutanea can help optimize available practice time through our dermatologic products and services.
Cutanea Life Sciences is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Osaka-based Maruho Co., Ltd., a leading dermatology company in Japan that recently celebrated its 100th anniversary.
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