There’s a lot of misinformation out there about healthy skin routines. Believe me, we’ve tried every nutty alternative home therapy and commercial product, from sugar scrubs to lemon juice (seriously), and it’s so hard to know what will actually work and what’s just fiction.

Hi. We created to be the resource we wanted to see in the world.

Liz and Wendy, being totally natural and not posed… 😉

We have backgrounds in science (an MS and a BS respectively) and tons of experience coming up with the perfect skin care routine.

At we want to share our research and results with you, to help you be happy in your (smooth, healthy, beautiful) skin.

We’re on a mission to help one million women love the skin they’re in.

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What Does Cutanea Mean?

In Italian, “cutanea” means skin. You can think of the direct English translation as “cutaneous,” which means of or relating to the skin.

You can see why we chose this name–it’s as beautiful as it is appropriate to our mission