Changing a barren dermatology landscape.
Distant tree among dry trees representing companies in a barren dermatology landscape.
An orange tree represents Specialty Pharmaceutical Company Cutanea Life Sciences and the revitalization it provides to the dermatology landscape.

Current Dermatology Landscape

  • Consolidation in the dermatology industry.
  • Fewer dermatology treatment options.
  • Customer dermatology requirements are increasing.
    Increasing Customer Requirements

Why Cutanea Will Make a Difference

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Our Pipeline

Who We Are


Core Purpose

We are dedicated to the pursuit of healthy skin to enhance self-confidence and a robust outlook for life.

Company Timeline


Founded and funded by Paramount BioSciences with Robert Bitterman, Sr. and three former leaders from Dermik Laboratories (Aventis Pharma)


Selective development schedule for acquired molecules


Maruho acquisition consummated


Integrated Maruho North America Inc. into Cutanea

What's Next

Cutanea Life Sciences unveils its new web presence in this news article.
03 March 2016
Cutanea Life Sciences, Emerging U.S. Prescription Dermatology Company, Launches Digital Presence

Cutanea Life Sciences, Inc. (CLS), an emerging U.S. prescription product development company, formally unveiled its new digital presence,, to the dermatology community in conjunction with this winter’s annual gathering of dermatologists from the U.S and around the world...

Cutanea Life Sciences announces that clinical research studies of an investigational gel for severe Rosacea are being conducted.
03 March 2016
Nationwide Rosacea Clinical Research Study

Multiple nationwide clinical research studies of an investigational gel for severe Rosacea are being conducted near you.